Covid: Pandemic evictions, and US booster jabs approved

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Covid: Pandemic evictions, and US booster jabs approved

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Covid: Pandemic evictions, and US booster jabs approved


Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Thursday morning. We'll have another update for you this evening.

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1. Eviction for tenants following pandemic rent arrears
People are being evicted from their homes following rent arrears built up during the pandemic, despite the government saying no one should lose their home as a result of the crisis. A third of county court hearings about evictions in England and Wales over the summer were coronavirus-related, according to an investigation.

2. US drug regulator approves booster jabs
US drug regulators have approved Pfizer booster vaccines for people over 65, those who are vulnerable and anyone in front-line jobs. They can only have it if they have had the last jab six months ago. The move still needs to be approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention but reports suggest it will be given the go-ahead quickly.

3. How can missing five million be persuaded to have the jab?
There's a group of people - about five million or so - who are worrying scientists and politicians. They are the ones who've been invited to have the Covid vaccine but haven't yet had the first dose. One 34-year-old says she thought she had built up the courage to do it a few times "but then I saw something on social media which scared me and I couldn't".

4. New allergic reactions reported after Covid
Gemma had coronavirus and recovered but when she went for a patch test with the same hair dye she'd been using for years she suffered a reaction. Her case isn't unique. Hairdressers across the UK are reporting some clients having new allergic reactions to hair dye after contracting the virus. Scientists are looking at whether there's a link.

5. Catching a cold?
If you're sniffly, feeling under the weather or ill and you've ruled out coronavirus it probably means you have a cold. "We are mixing in a way that we haven't been mixing over the past 18 months," says Dr Philippa Kaye, a London-based GP. She says there has been a rise in the number of coughs and colds and viral infections because coronavirus restrictions have eased.