I caught a rare Pokemon Muoreo. Now what do I do with it?

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I caught a rare Pokemon Muoreo. Now what do I do with it?

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I recently wrote about a new limited edition Pokemon Oreos. And I was intrigued. They were regular Oreos, with various Pokemon characters embossed on them. And just like opening Pokemon card packs. You never know which character you will get. or you will get rare points. until you open the bag

Pokemon Oreos are now in Shaolin stores or you can order them online. But you might have to wait: Some consumers are boycotting Nabisco products, including Oreos, as the company's employees are protesting at six U.S. locations. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that contract talks take place on Monday and Tuesday. The protests may end soon.

I'm not out to buy any Oreos, but full disclosure: Oreo sent me a promotional box. Collector's curiosity has made me better. And I had to look at the complete set and see which one was in it.The cookie has a regular Oreo logo on one side. and the Pokemon characters are on the flip side. There are 16 different characters, with the legendary Pokemon Mew being probably the rarest. I started looking at Oreos and believe it or not, the third one I picked up from a box of 32 cookies was Mew.

I was so surprised to see this rare cookie that I wrote to Oreo, asking if they specially kept the box they sent to reporters with Mews. or am i just lucky (A representative of the company wrote a random reply. I guess I'm lucky) then of course. I had to go through the whole box and see which Pokemon Oreos I made and which I didn't. The most well-known Pokemon Even among those who have never played the game can be a cute pikachu. My box contains four Pikachu cookies.

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Re: I caught a rare Pokemon Muoreo. Now what do I do with it?

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